For prosthetics fitting is used the modern so-called “Modular” technology. Components are selected based on the patient’s desire and individual needs. Can be used high-tech components from “Otto Bock”, “Össur”, “Streifeneder”, etc as well as their low-cost analogues. In case of a proper financial coverage a variety of high-tech, modern components can be of choice. We will assist you in selecting appropriate prosthetic components. As per your wish, we would be glad to prepare your case to communicate it with leading P&O providers to get information about their full package of services.

To obtain state funding for prosthetics, a patient or his / her family member must submit relevant documents to the Agency for Health and Social Programs.


Prosthetic sockets are made by thermoforming and lamination; full contact, and in some cases, the quadrilateral design is applied. For the prosthesis fixation so-called Vacuum-hanging is applied, but rarely a special belt is needed.

The upper limb prosthesis

The upper limb prosthesis is performed by a functional, mechanically-controlled prosthesis.

Patients also are offered high quality silicone cosmetic prosthesis for the upper limb amputation at any level. Our partners are the leading companies worldwide.

Lower limb prosthesis

The standard set of components comprises a single axis foot, mechanical knee with lock or without, modular metal adapter system and laminate nest.

If this is the first prosthesis for you, we will instruct you how to prepare yourself for the prosthetics fitting – this may include special set of exercises for improving general physical condition, affected limp training and a compression therapy to reduce a stamp volume before fitting. For details please follow the links: