Walker boots


Brand: RD & CO
Product Code: 01629


Short description:

Sizes Available: Universal

Tynor Walker Boot is designed for rehabilitation after injury, fracture , sprains or surgery of foot, ankle or lower leg. The boots provide support to the ankle and leg without inhibiting mobility. They can be a substitute for cast or can be used in case of early cast removal. With a wider rocker bottom, these boots promote a natural gait, reduced plantar pressure, enhanced stability and comfort to the lower leg.

  • Light weight.
  • Sturdy Support.
  • Enhanced mobility.
  • Maintains normal gait.


Salient feature

  • Moulded foot
    • Improves gait
    • Rocker sole—helps in easy ambulation
    • Offers stabilization of the foot ankle and the lower leg
    • Comfortable positioning and protection of the foot
  • Aluminum lateral bars
    • Rigid support–Improved immobilization of the ankle and the lower leg
    • Malleable, shape can be customized for better fitting and support
  • Foam liner and Pad set
    • Ensure extreme comfort
    • Ensure perfect fit of the leg in the orthosis.
  • Hook Loop system
    • Easy removal and application of the product
    • Allows wound inspection
    • Allows personal hygiene
    • Perfect fitting of the product
    • Improved stabilization

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